by people.

UX & Service

with a Purpose

We are a highly experienced team working to bring innovative solutions to complex problems.

We seek transformation through design. We understand users and their real life contexts to bring clarity to business choices and decisions.

We are inspired by people. We question and immerse ourselves in the problem to create innovative services and more human experiences.



We learn from our clients and their end-users. We organize insights, analyze data and identify patterns. This results in educated decisions, which minimize risk and improve success.


We base our strategic and tactical product design on learnings, best practices and engaging design that connects our clients to their customers/users through systems and processes inspired by people to deliver better results.


We partner with our clients to lead and facilitate cultural transformation with a focus on products centered around users. This is a collaborative process with immersive technical training based on the company needs.

Why Us.

Work with a

At Sensorama we think of our work as more than just a project. Once we are engaged with a client, we work to be the voice of the users – so they can be better reached – and to ensure that the company reaches measurable success.

Whether we are creating new ventures or solutions, improving and optimizing existing products or integrating legacy systems into seamless experiences you can count on us to ask the right questions, lead in the right direction and ensure that your goals are the north star at all times.


Here are some companies that have already partnered with Sensoram following an empathy-rich process of learning about the pain points of their users to identify how to reach their goals in cost-efficient and innovative ways.

Make Business
Human Again.