make business
human again.

Our Clients

We work together with drivers to solve the problems in the logistics chain and create a better experience for POS.

Mapping of Kroton's student digital journey to create a complex backend and frontend meshed network that represents everything from acquisition to entry into the labour market.

Management application to optimize the provision of supplies stem from research that involved from corporate stakeholders to those responsible for the warehouse.

Integrated transport management solution to improve communication, make decision-making less manual and reduce extra delivery costs.

We identified important opportunities for improvement from peer-review, usability and understanding testing of the institutional website's content.

Research as a key element for the creation of a global product with a focus on product delivery.

Construction of methodology, application and facilitation of Design Thinking workshops to work on ideation at different levels within the mining context.

Understand the behavior of highly experienced users when operating kitchen management software and adapt touchscreen technology intuitively for iPads.

Mapping the journey of miners with a focus on innovation for employee health and safety.

Adaptation of the workshop methodology to promote new business opportunities in a laboratory specialized in artificial intelligence.

Make Business
Human Again.